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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  September 7, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> one resident heard screams and looked into the hallway to see a televised -- terrified tenant. this one closed and locked her door, but someone eventually lead them in and call police. >> some kids were scared. i was talking to my parents and they said to keep them updated about how it was going. >> just last week, the victim got a court order to keep prints away from her. but police -- to keep prince away from her, but since he lives in the same apartment complex and knows her habits, he did not stay away from her. >> i'm glad they got him. >> we expect -- we expect joshua prince to be extradited back to montgomery county to face an array of charges, including attempted murder. >> a suspect is on the loose
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tonight after police say he broke into a fighthome looking for weapons. montgomery county police says the suspects still as many as four weapons as well as ammunition from inside the home -- took as many as four weapons as well as ammunition from and that the home. no one was hurt. a police officer faces serious legal trouble to 9 after detectives say he threatened a tow truck driver with a gun. brad bell spoke exclusively with the driver. these are details you'll only see your aunt abc7. brad? >> the charges are first-degree and second-degree assault. cop abused the.g. droppe power of his badge and his gun and derided the tow truck driver into getting his way. >> the man says he will not soon
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stop feeling the off-duty officers a handgun -- the feeling of the off-duty officers handgun to his cheek. last friday, a car owner whose car had been towed from in this parking lots legitimately in was irate. he called his friend on the police force and the man showed up irate. >> daniels reached into the man's to attract -- into the man's tow truck to try to stop it. about that time, on duty anne arundel county police arrived and disarmed the p.g. cop. he was under arrest.
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the whole episode was caught on tape by security cameras and when anne arundel police saw that, daniels, the off-duty p.g. cop, was charged with first and second degree assault. >> it does not matter who he is or where, a crime occurred. >> it was a situation that was totally unjust. that means every last one of them will do the same thing to me. >> detective daniels was arrested saturday during that incident. he was then released on bond. we're told the prince george's police department has taken away his badge. he has been suspended with pay, but since this is a felony allegation, he will likely have some sort of administrative hearing very soon and that status could change. >> we are monitoring two developing story tonight. prosecutors say a former army soldier if threatened to kill
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president barack obama and former president bill clinton. the police arrested him on monday. he took three people hostage inside georgia military hospital. he planned to kill the current and foreign -- former president, he told his hostages. in iraq, a gunman is arrested in an iraqi uniform, helping to spy on troops. it is not clear if he was an iraqi soldier horey militant in disguise. they're the first -- it is not clear if he was an iraqi soldier or a militant in disguise. they're the first casualties since president obama declared an end to combat operations. >> firefighters and police and paramedics arrived at fire station 3 in northwest d.c.. , the group went to
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los angeles for a cross-country run to commemorate 9/11. some families lost -- some lost family in the terrorist attack. also new at 5:00 p.m., the tough talk from the white house on a florida church's plan to bring the karahna 9/11. robert gibbs is calling the plan un-american. meanwhile, muslims and the region are speaking out about the timing with ramadan. >> many muslims will begin their months-long fast this thursday, friday, or saturday, which is september 11. it is a slope of the lunar calendar that has prompted many to tone down their usual celebration >> buying chicken, and like many here at this course restore in silver
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springs, getting ready to break the month-long fast of ramadan with a celebratory meal. but it will not be the same at the nearby muslim community center. they're expecting 15,000 this -- this friday for prayers. the usual barbeques and festivities have been cancelled. >> week expect it to -- we think it would be better to keep a low profile and not attract attention. >> with so much negative with the parkly 51 muslim center and the florida church planning to burn the koran, they thought it would be best to stay low. >> we know it is like when people attack as verbally and physically and others remain silent. >> indeed, the focus would means on what they have in common with
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other faiths. during this week and remains one of prayer and peace. the -- praying this week and remains one of prayer and peace. >> there also victims, they say of the terrorists. >> today, workers at ground zero permanently installed two 70- foot towers at the entrance of the september 11 newseum. -- museum. >> closer to home, a redskins soap opera finally coming to an end. as sports director tim branden lerch, the redskins are in discussions with the tennessee titans to trade albert haynesworth.
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he joined the times last year after siding a $100 million contract, but since then has been a disappointment to the team and waged a public battle with the new head coach. much more on this still developing story. >> and at 5:00 p.m., a closer look at all the troubles caused mine.opical storm her caroline lyders is live with development. >> 1000 families are still in shelters tonight. tens of thousands are still without power and the biggest worry now is flooding. >> a wet, windy plunge with gift tol storm hermine's taxes, with winds just about 60 miles per hour. -- gift to texas, with winds just above 60 miles per hour. the storm has been felt nearly
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400 miles up the texas coast. in galveston, a woman drowned in the recurrent start up by the storm. -- rit read current stirred up by the storm. >> all our power and no refrigerator, no telephone. our food is going to go bad. >> residents of flood prone southern texas are ready. the soldiers and municipal employees handed out sandbags to residents of they can't protect their homes. >> i thought i would get the stand right -- so they can protect their homes. >> i thought i would go get groceries because last time i was not that prepared. >> the rio grande valley is proving that it can take it. >> and hermine is moving through the northwest area of texas.
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>> hermine is weakening at this moment. >> a first look at the tropical storm in our local forecasts. >> very impressive features. hermine is still a tropical storm even though it has south wins over texas. the rain. close-up of san antonio has had more rain in just this the day today than it has had in the past six weeks. on the western side those skinny lines of yellow and red and some signs of tornadoes. meanwhile, here it is spectacular. take a look at the weather headlines on a tuesday. it is the first time we have hit 90 or higher. cooler tomorrow, but no rain. there will be cooler trend later
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on in this week. a lot more of what to expect for this week and beyond, coming up. >> coming up, the business that some do not want that could lead to a showdown tonight. >> and that someone on the opera has strong ties to our region. and the long holiday weekend tragedy leaves an institution in limbo. tragedy leaves an institution in limbo.
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>> you are watching abc7 news at 5:00 p.m. with leon harris, leggmason singh, chief meteorologist doug hill. this is abc7 news at 5:00 p.m. on your side. >> heartbreak for a family well known in their loudoun county town. rex three family members were killed in what was supposed to be a quiet ride home -- >> 3 family members were killed in what was supposed to be a quiet ride all from the country. >> today, the trip was meant to celebrate the 90th birthday of
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one of the victims killed in the accident on route 55 on front royal. two of those killed were from a well-known small-town hardware store. it is a fixture in the future is now uncertain. >> there is no one in the area that does not know the heart restore, but today the notoriety is based on tragedy. >> sunday, the owners of the hardware store were killed in a car accident as they were driving home from apple picking. >> they will be missed. >> there were seven people in the suv that ran off the road in front royal, over corrected and ran down an embankment and into a tree. ? that leaves this nearly century- old stork's future -- the accident leaves this nearly century-old store's future
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uncertain. >> they have all of these wonderful wooden doors and tools and knickknacks. they know where everything else is. no one else does. >> it just might be the last part restore in the country. >> no one can imagine this small town without its beloved hardware store. >> i hope we can keep it open. it is a tragedy, but we need the hardware store. it is an old standby. >> the store has been handed down through three generations. it will remain closed indefinitely. >> dozens of homes are destroyed and thousands more have been evacuated through fire -- wildfires out west. 7 acres are burning -- several near boulderrning i
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colorado. ariel frames without -- ariel planes put out flames in an old west grows restore. >> the new york state parole board rejected it mark david chapman's request for parole he gunned down the beetle nearly 30 years ago. -- begun down the beetle's jianlian in nearly 30 years ago. -- he gunned down john lennon nearly 30 years ago. >> stephen slater delivered a profane goodbye speech and slid down the debt side. he will undergo a plea deal and
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mental evaluation. >> oprah winfrey will be recognized at the kennedy center in november. she has been nominated for both an academy award and a golden globe for her work in the color purple. this comes in the final season of the oprah winfrey show. her final season debuts right here on abc7. >> that season premiere is not to be missed. >> weather-wise, some pretty good stuff here. just give it a day and it will be back like it was over the weekend. a little more heat to deal with in the next couple of days. blue skies and sunshine, temperatures still in the low 90's, but the humidity is awfully low. more like the arizona-type heat.
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90 degrees on the campus of howard university. 80 degrees in germantown. southwest breeze at 11 miles per hour the dewpoint is in the 50's and that is a very comfortable combination. on the graphics, let's talk about the pollen count. it was up there today for grass and weeds it was in the moderate range. if you were sneezing -- this is my editorial comment. if you were sneezing today, the reason may be the allergens in the wind. it was pigweed, pollen, and lamb's quarters. if you were sneezing, bless you, and that was the cause for it. 90 in gaithersburg. 91 in love like that. -- 91 in likly deatla plaita.
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a little bit cooler when you get the south into texas and the mine.n for that is her min let's give you a close-up look at the rain pattern down there. winds at about 40 miles per hour. edited a tight circulation. it will spread quite a bit of rain -- and it is a tight circulation. it will spread quite a bit of rain up through oklahoma. tomorrow, a cool front will come through. an isolated shower is not impossible, but do not count on it. we desperately need rain, but i think it will be sunday before we see that. i think this will last ride into saturday with a chance of some
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showers coming on sunday. 70 degrees early in the morning and a warm breeze. 83 at midday tomorrow. lepearl the end up close to 88, 89 in the -- at the end of the afternoon. the chance of a few scattered showers on sunday and it will settle down next week. >> pig weed and what? >> lamb's-quarters. i had to look them up on google to find out what they were. >> thank you, doug. tonight, nightline is on at abc7 primetime. it uncovers the secrets of your mind, tonight, how brain surgery helped in the battle of the bulge. and a look at the popular procedure that allows patients to control their appetites. that is coming up with back-to- back episodes of white south and
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abc7 news at 11:00. -- back-to-back episodes of wipeout and abc7 news at 11:00. >> coming up, the bold new plan to get us to go green. >>
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>> a day of transition for employees who were terrorized by the discovery channel gunmen. >> it was the first full day for these employees after the hostage standoff last week. it all unfolded in silver springs nearly a week ago. tonight, many employees were stopping by a hot dog stand not just for lunch, but to say thank you to the man they are calling a hero. >> it is usually the sausages that keep cups -- customers smiling. but today, there raging about the service, calling this man and a lifesaver. >> i think he is a hero. >> it is right outside the discovery channel lobby and wednesday afternoon, cabrera noticed unusual activity after james lee walked inside. he jumped into action, warning employees returning from lunch
5:26 pm
tuesday out. -- to stay out. >> you knew that you needed to keep people from going inside. >> i stopped a lot of people from going inside. >> recovery amped -- discovery employees returned to work today and they could not express in of gratitude. -- in of gratitude. as for cabrera, and he is reluctant to take credit. but it is clear that his actions meant the world only -- it is clear that his actions meant the world for those who could have walked in only to discover the danger inside. >> there was an increased police and security presence around discovery today. the lobby entrance was closed to visitors and the employees could enter with a key card.
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>> coming up on abc7 news at 5:00 p.m., a small local town of in arms over a new store on the way. -- up in arms over a new store on the way. >> drivers are saying these speed cameras could not possibly be right. i will show you why after the break. i will show you why after the break. >>
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>> you are watching abc7 news at 5:00 p.m. on your side. >> u.f. 5:30 p.m., the battle within a -- new at 5:30 p.m., the battle within the d.c. community. >> musing the anacostia river just one week -- using the anacostia river to their advantage one week before the primary. >> everybody knows the potomac. the anacostia is d.c. but the other river. both major candidates were at the river today. former mayor anthony williams lost his campaign for office with a canoe trip down the anacostia with a pledge to clean up the river. bring -- current mayor
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adrian fenty proved he is more adept at cutting ribbons that his predecessor. -- than his challenger. get an hour later, 1 mile of the river in the weeds, conservationists were denouncing mayor of fenty as they called on local, but -- local politicians to sign a pledge to clean up six designated toxic sites on the river. >> mayor fenty was invited to attend and sign the pledge and we did not seem -- received a response from him. >> as for the mayor, -- >> i know i am not part of it, their announcement is that the city -- they want the city
5:32 pm
-- if there announcement is that they want the city to be aggressive on cleaning up the anacostia, i am behind it. we all know about the tax on grocery plastic bags -- plastic grocery bags. all of that is aimed at cleaning up this river. has made the argument that he has used the money to clean up the river. this river is becoming a very political river. >> let's take a look and the region. -- at the region. crews are replacing -- replaced switches and crossties over the weekend. all stations open on time today. metra says they will be moving
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more slowly between the fourth and tacoma stations through the end of this week. a front -- about an hour from now residence in virginia are expected to speak out about a band over holiday decorations. the council will reconsider the ban on religious displays at the county courthouse. the board is expected to make a decision tomorrow. >> in many districts, teachers are being asked to do a lot more with a lot less. schools in fairfax, arlington and alexandria have experienced a jump in enrollment. at the same time by the budgets are much leaner this year. fairfax lost more than $34 million in funding. it >> investigators are announcing that the fire that killed 29 horses in west virginia may have been deliberately set. flames for god's name morning in 3-vote -- in three barnes. -- flames broke out in three
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s.rnes ♪ >> some claim the speake camera -- this speed cameras making some startling miscalculations. >> today, this camera is focused on -- these cameras are focused on both northbound and southbound routes to 10. drivers are saying that there is no way that the tickets they got there can be valid. >> some state it is highway robbery. a former police officer says the two speeding tickets he got along this stretch of the road are bogus. each time, lomax says based on where he entered the indian head
5:35 pm
highway, he could not have reached this be the ticket states. lomax states there is simply not enough time for his 40 ft. long, 40,000 ton car to hit that speed after lumbering up the hill alongside the camera. >> there is no way i can even get up to 25 miles per hour in that short time. drivers have gotten so many tickets yet that the area -- he has dubbed the eri have a toll plaza. >> they are very responsible drivers, but they have not done anything wrong. >> the police chief has said they needed it for safety because drivers easily double the 35-mile per hour speed limit here. the drivers we spoke with disagree. >> it sounds like someone is making some-cash.
5:36 pm
-- some fast cash. something is very fishy. >> we tried to reach the police chief and the mayor, but net -- neither was available. earl says he wants to fight the ticket in court, but he cannot get in. the courts are to backstop. -- are to backed up. >> it is actually a really good day today. it looks as though we will not see a lot of delays. a lot of people may have been scared away by one of those popular myth that this is one of the worst traffic days of the season, the after labor day. that is certainly not the case today. -- the day after labor day. bevitz are not the case here. usually you see traffic jammed by 530 -- but that is not the case here. usually you see traffic jams by 5:30 p.m.
5:37 pm
this is the only place that we have a real slowing. traffic is moving a lot better than it usually does here at 270 and 124. let's look at southbound 95 again and that looks great. that is about as good if you are going to get. -- as good as you are going to get. >> coming up, and inappropriate business, horey mother and daughter team unfairly -- or a mother and daughter team unfairly targeted? >> [unintelligible] unfairly targeted? >> [unintelligible]
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too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? >> it seems there may soon be a lot more biking commuters in the area. >> we have the details now. >> you are probably already familiar with the smart biked d c is being replaced with a new one called capital by a share. it just got a whole lot more convenient to share bikes.
5:41 pm
capital bike share rose out in just two weeks with 1100 bytes. -- rolls out in two weeks with 1100 bikes. unlike smart bike d.c., which is replacing, the new system extends into arlington. >> we are extending it into the potomac yard area and we hope to extend it to the balls the quarter. >> membership is $50 per year, at $25 per month, or $5 per day it is great for visitors and tourists. >> biking is nice, good exercise. >> the program is designed with short trips in mind. extra fees apply for rides longer than 30 minutes. >> i am not a biker, but i might try to do it on my lunch break. >> and the stations are solar powered. >> it is cloudy or rainy or
5:42 pm
selling, the batteries will power the station of to a week, or it may be too -- or maybe two. >> in two weeks, it will be on the street. >> next will be alexandria, probably, as well. >> that is the goal, extending to alexandria and montgomery county and at some point, covering more of d.c. and arlington, too. >> up next, an international superstar and her quest to help others. tonight, angelina's new mission. >> in manassas virginia, a
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>> new tonight, a showdown in manassas, pitting a mother- daughter team against a town of critics. >> the store has some parents are upset. we're live in manassass with for the issue is taking center stage this evening. >> this store has all its
5:46 pm
permits and is ready to open. it has not opened yet and there is a hearing tonight just to let the people have their say about it. >> on vettel street in manassass, a town well known for conflict, sides are being taken up over this, in new boutique -- a new boutique. the >> when it says "adults only," then, to me, that is a problem. >> it is next to a store that sells candy and i screamed. it drew controversy in a community that provide -- that prides itself in american tradition. >> i cannot believe they allowed that. >> we have values. a lot of people think we do not because we are doing this, but
5:47 pm
we do. >> they have all of the permits required by the city of manassas to open a retail store. they say they disclose to olen authorities involved with the intended to sell. -- they disclosed to all authorities involved with what they intended to sell. >> you can pretty much put anything there you like. >> when the paper comes down off the windows, discretion will be on display. >> it is sad that people are judging us before we are even in. >> they say they plan to be at this 7:00 meeting tonight at city hall. they also point out that in the city of manassass there are already two adult stores, both of whom are operating under the same kind of permit that they have, retail license. >> one of the world's best known
5:48 pm
celebrities is fighting to help the millions of flood victims in pakistan. angelina jolie met with flood victims today. the united nations issued an appeal for $460 million in emergency funding, but so far, only $294 million has been received and contributions have slowed in recent days. >> there is a warning by the feds for the makers of two popular drinks. the fda issued letters to the makers of canada dry ginger ale and lived in green tea for making unsubstantiated nutritional claims about their green tea beverages. they say they are enhanced with antioch -- antioxidants. makers of the drinks have not responded to the statement by the fda. >> discount retained aldi is opening up on -- discount grocery store chain aldi is
5:49 pm
opening up. they encourage customers to bring their own bags. the store is scheduled to open in spring. >> barbara is back, the co-host and creator of "the view" returns this morning. at one point to my co-host after they could see her surgery scar. she told them that they were looking at it. she was wearing an open necked blouse and when they've been the and they could barely see it. david letterman had the same surgery 10 years ago. .> let's see what is coming out >> gordon peterson joins us with a look ahead. >> new poll numbers out tonight and it is not good for the president -- for the democrats. we will have the numbers. also, the white house is talking
5:50 pm
about the pastor in florida that koran onburn correnthe september 11. >> we will see you at 6:00 p.m. in the meantime, we cannot get enough of this beautiful weather outside. >> what does it look like outside? but we probably have 45 beautiful days before we get some rain -- >> we probably will have four or five beautiful days before we get some rain. but get some live pictures around the chesapeake bay and beach. it speaks for itself. it is a nice outside. 85 degrees with dry air. at 95 in alexandria, but dry and comfortable at the moment. let's give you an update on tropical storm hermine that is just counting the texas coast. a lot of rain.
5:51 pm
i just read that san antonio has had three and a half inches of rain today. that is the most rain they have had in one day in 32 years. i do not think it will interact with our weather, but we will keep an eye on it in the next couple of days. the majority computer models say it will come through dry. if it comes through dry, then we will no one was right and the other is wrong. -- then we will know that one was right and the other was wrong. clear tonight and warm, and the mid 80's by tomorrow -- by midday tomorrow and upper 80's in the afternoon. our next best chance of rain will be on sunday. >> time to get the latest on the soap opera on the haynesworth channel. >> it is dallas we want.
5:52 pm
for the second straight day, albert haynesworth was an afterthought. they went through their day. it is being circulated that the redskins are exploring once again. haynesworth is the skins best defensive player. and today, when asked about the possibility of haynesworth in a trade, donovan finally spoke out. >> he understands that, you know, hey, i've got to get the opportunity to show what i can do. we cannot live without albert. it is just unfortunate, what has been going on and how it has transpired. >> de mcnabb said they cannot do without him. everybody is still talking about the double header in maryland and boise state's last-minute win over to virginia tech -- win
5:53 pm
over virginia tech. tyler moore put himself in the heisman race. 23-38, three touchdowns, including the game-winner. >> i give boise state credit. i know we have work to do. we have work to do at our coverage there is the end. toe kids far awfully hard cu come back and we just did not finish it off. >> tiger woods has been offered the captain's choice to the ryder cup. and the tiger has accepted. this will be his fifth appearance in the ryder cup, but the first in which he has to be picked. he has finished first every year. i think he should be picked. i have no problem with that. >> i will wear it proudly. >> in dallas week.
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there's something you never hear vince gray talk about: his record running dc's department of human services. why? under gray, dhs lost out on millions of federal dollars for missing paperwork; lost money for the homeless; even lost track of foster children. a court ordered gray's department to improve child services. gray's not a bad guy but he was a bad manager. do we want to go back to that?
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>> a heartwarming raining in anne arundel county. -- a heart warming reunion in anne arundel county. >> the man is in a queue to the people that said -- kissane thank you to the people that saved his life. >> in the prince george's county fire department jimmy had answered hundreds of calls, but he found himself making the call himself. >> the fire fighters themselves, their mortality is just run around the corner. >> he was having a heart attack, but thanks to the hospital personnel he survived.
5:58 pm
>> he is my everything. he is a wonderful friend, father and has been. i do not know what i would do without him. >> the reunion took place in the are of the anne arundel medical center. >> it was good to see him up, walking around. >> he owes his life in part to the coordination and teamwork of the ems and hospital staff. he was able to almost bypass the emergency room entirely. that could have prevented the irreversible damage. >> we strived to open up the artery as quickly as possible. >> as of tuesday afternoon he is doing just fine. he will see a cardiologist for the rest of his life, but he has even added exercise and nutrition to his lifestyle. >> i do not know what my friends and family would have gone
5:59 pm
through its demise had happened. >> coming up at 6:00 p.m., tough talk at the white house on birthrights -- overt threats to burn the koran on september 11. plus, he is talented and controversial. one of the hottest stars in the music business shines in the district to night. >> live and in hd, this is abc7 news at 6:00 p.m. on your side. >> tonight, the white house is talking about the threat to burn copies of the koran on september 11. >> the white house denounces the plan and warns that it could put in danger americans overseas. >> tension is tight and several muslim leaders and an imam have said they have never seen hatred for their religion as strong as it is today, not even in the days after 9/11. that is causing retaliatory attacks and fears tha


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